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Class of 1953 Inductee Bios

Seth S. Baker

W.R. Graham


James E. Rice

Charles W. Wampler

Class of 1956 Inductee Bios

Hubert D. Goodale

Morley A. Jull

Harry L. Kempster

Allen G. Phillips

Class of 1959 Inductee Bios

Fred R. Beaudette

James G. Halpin

Mary E. Pennington

Class of 1962 Inductee Bios

William A. Billings

Andrew Christie

O.B. Kent

Howard C. Pierce

Class of 1965 Inductee Bios

George F. Ghostley

Kathryn B. Niles

Carl A. Swanson

William D. Termohlen

R.B. Thompson

Class of 1968 Inductee Bios

Leslie E. Card

Cliff D. Carpenter

Ernest M. Funk

Stanley J. Marsden

Loyal F. Payne

Joseph E. Salsbury

Class of 1971 Inductee Bios

Oscar A. Hanke

Victor W. Henningsen

Jesse D. Jewell

Joseph H. Martin

Don C. Warren

Class of 1974 Inductee Bios

Hugh D. Branion

John C. Huttar

William V. Pringle

Harold M. Scott

Alden R. Winter

Class of 1977 Inductee Bios

James M. Gwin

R. George Japp

Benjamin S. Pomeroy

Henry Saglio

Leroy A. Wilhelm

Class of 1980 Inductee Bios

Monroe C. Babcock

Ben R. Burmester

James Dryden

Frederick B. Hutt

Donald M. Turnbull

Class of 1983 Inductee Bios

H.R. Bird

T.C. Byerly

Donald P. Corbett

Hermon Miller

George Nicholas

Class of 1986 Inductee Bios

Arthur Heisdorf

Leslie S. Hubbard

M.C. Small

Estill E. Schnetzler

Henry B. Wallace

Class of 1989 Inductee Bios

Richard H. Forsythe

Robert L. Hogue

Donald M. Shaver

John L. Skinner

Leslie A. Watt

Class of 1992 Inductee Bios

Wallace H. Jerome

H. Conner Kennett

Kenneth N. May

William J. Stadelman

Milton L. Sunde

Class of 1995 Inductee Bios

Harold E. Ford

R. Hartman

James T. Hudson

A.W. Nordskog

Franklin P. Perdue

Class of 1998 Inductee Bios

Edward H. Covell

Lyman B. Crittenden

R. Frank Frazier

Donald J. Tyson

James J. Warren, Jr.

Class of 2001 Inductee Bios

W. Elwood Briles

Lloyd E Peterson

Class of 2004 Inductee Bios

Robert C. Baker

Charles W. Beard

Frank Gordy

Haran N. Lasher

Jerry L. Sell

Class of 2007 Inductee Bios

Don Bell

Nelson A. Cox

James H. Denton

Robert H. Harms

Richard L. Witter

Class of 2010 Inductee Bios

Donald Dalton

Lonnie "Bo" Pilgrim

Paul B. Siegel

Robert E. Sparboe

James Paul Thaxton

Class of 2013: Inductee Bios

Louis C. Arrington

S. Allen Edgar

Hardy Malcolm Edwards, Jr.

Jack R. England

Dr. Bruce Glick

Class of 2016: Inductee Bios

Shai Barbut

Glenn W. Froning

Andrew R. Rhorer

Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton

Class of 2019: Inductee Bios

Earl W. Benjamin

D. W. Brooks

Mark E. Cook

Abit Massey

Jim Perdue