American Poultry Historical Society, Inc.

Preserving the Poultry Industry of the Past For the Future


• Karen Christensen, President - email
• Louis Arrington, Treasurer - email
• Jesse Lyons, Secretary - email

If you would like to nominate someone who has made a substantial contribution ot the Poultry World for Poultry Hall of Fame award and would like to receive a complete nomination packet, then contact:
Dr. Mickey Hall
198 Melissa Dr, Walhalla, SC 29691
Cell (862)885-2197


To carry out the objectives of the Society, the following program has been developed:
1. Obtain valuable historical objects and pictures; assure their permanent protection in appropriate archives.
2. Provide facilities for the suitable display and preservation of all historical materials.
3. Prepare biographies and descriptions of outstanding developments that are likely to be of historical interest and make them available to interested persons.
4. Honor the most outstanding poultry persons of North America. Have portraits and accomplishments displayed in a prestigious setting.
5. Recognize outstanding poultry leaders whose careers and contributions have had significant and lasting impact on the poultry industry.
6. Recognize individuals who have exhibited leadership and given assistance in stimulating interest in preserving the heritage of the poultry industry. Read more...